Monday, March 15, 2010

For Birds, For People, For Life, Forever



The world has moved on. 
From my rehabilitation days over 20 years ago, I see a greater shift
towards the interconnecting health of human and nonhuman.  We need to take care of ourselves so we can
take care of animals.  Here are some examples
of what is going on regarding this topic at the National Wildlife
Rehabilitiation Association Annual Symposium.


One person was toting a bag from the Royal Society
of Bird Preservation that said, "For birds, for people, forever."
when I asked her about this saying she said that you cannot separate the well
being of bird from a person. "Without birds, human souls would die."


Jennifer Convoy of PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare
Society) said in the opening remarks, "No one is right, but we may be all
right together."  She went on to say
that though we like animals, we need to work well with people because this
increases our ability to give good quality care to animals.


Wendy Fox, the President of NWRA had a seminar
during the symposium about conflict between people working in
rehabilitation.  She said that human
relationships are the biggest problem rehabbers have. If we could get along
better, than we could take better care of the animals.


We are one world and we share one health.  Amen.

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